Vacuum Kiln Drying Process with a PCS Vac Dry

One of the unique abilities that I can offer to customers is vacuum kiln drying. It is about 5 times faster than any conventional kiln and lumber comes out cleaner and straighter, with almost zero checking. The results between the vacuum kiln and the dehumidification kiln are amazing. The speed at which this kiln dries wood properly enables me to turn around customer sawing and drying orders in as little as three weeks depending on species and thickness (and prior kiln scheduling).

Naturally, thicker takes longer, as does white oak. Walnut can be dried imediately after sawing but will be light brown to olive green. Walnut that is air dried about one month per inch of thickness before vacuum kiln drying will come out very consistant chocolate brown, with some of the red and purple hughs visable that are associated with air dried walnut.

Maple comes out whiter and brighter, cherry looks great, and a with a little bit of experimenting, cotton wood is drying with very little checking.

Please give me a call regarding your drying needs. Maximum length is 12' 6" by maximum width of 42". Kilns holds upto 1250 BF. One last note, the heat that the kiln uses is provided by the scrap wood generated from the sawmills.