About John's Urban Timber

My business is providing the services people need to recycle and reclaim wood into useful products. I have been doing this since the Fall of 1998.  Using logs from people's yards, tree services, storm damage, anything not commercially harvested and extract the best of what mother nature has to offer.  Products range from tongue and groove flooring, to S3S (surfaced three sides) boards, to my specialty which is one piece wide slabs up to 42" wide.  These wide slabs can have natural edges or have a sawn and finished edge.  I can offer individualized service.  When you bring me a log, you get material back from that same log.  Not someone elses material.  If you want flat sawn, quarter sawn or any other unique special cut, I can do that.  I have cut a range of things from  20" x 20" square timbers,  to items as small as 1/4" x 1" bending strips for boat builders.

I still offer onsite milling (portable sawmilling), however, most prefer to bring their logs to me because I can saw, dry, and machine at one location.

With the addition of the PCS Vac Dry vacuum kiln drying process, I am now able to turn orders around in a timely manner not possible through other drying technologies.   Other benefits of the vacuum drying process are straighter wood, less stress, brighter color and the ability to do thicker slabs with excellent results. The kiln can handle 12'6" maximun length. 40" wide is standard, 42" wide is the maximun on width.

Other shop services range from 20" wide face jointing and planing, to straight line rip, wide belt sanding and flattening to 42" wide, glue ups, tongue + groove for flooring and Wainscot, and resawing to 20" wide. A few unusual resaw jobs of 40" wide have been done on the big mill.

Please take a look through my site.  You'll find I offer a unique inventory of locally grown woods.  There are also some pictures of great projects my customers have created from resources literally growing in their own backyards!

John Haling